Student membership – clarification

Posted on September 19, 2015

In the past, there has been some uncertainty about what is meant by a student member.  The whole intent of student members is to give some financial relief to those whose incomes are significantly below the minimum wage and in many cases the relief is to parents rather than the individual.  Just because a member has a NUS card because of one day/week attendance at a university or college – while working the other 4 days – should not be seen as an entitlement to pay a student membership to the club.
I propose this year we enforce a “full time student” only rule for student membership – the club cannot afford to subsidise part-time students – unless those part-time students are minimally employed the rest of the time – so here are some examples
Jo works for a local firm but attends Lancaster University one day/week on day release Not a LSAHC student member
Bill works 10 hours/week in a pub and attends UCLAN for 8 hours/week LSAHC student member
Amy is a full-time attendee at a local 6th form college LSAHC student member
Fred is a full-time attendee at UCLAN LSAHC student member


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